March 31, 2016

Dear Homeowner:

testimonialLast year, my wife and I went through a horrible experience.  The house we have lived in since it was built 29 years ago was, unknown to us, being eaten away by subterranean termites.

When we found the first evidence, our bathroom window sill collapsed as if it were paint over nothing, I called Vilmos (Bill) Pinter to come and investigate and fix the damage.   Bill had installed a new bathroom and new sink fixtures and toilets for us the year before and we were very happy with the quality of his work.

This became an 8 month nightmare as Bill opened up one wall after another only to find them eaten away and/or fully infested with live termites.  Working closely with The Bug Man to ensure that the termites were eradicated, Bill basically had to rebuild half of our house while keeping the 2nd story from falling down.

There were many frustrating discoveries and delays as the scope of the job kept expanding and seemed like it would never end.

When it did end, we have a brand new house!  New kitchen with granite countertops and a new pantry, new water system, new bathrooms, new wood floor in the den & tile in the kitchen, new cabinets throughout and painted from top to bottom inside and out.

Bill and his Sons did, not just a great job, but Bill took my wife Ann out shopping each time decisions needed to be made for the granite, cabinets, fixtures, etc. and spent quality time helping us to make decisions that we would be happy with and we are!

I can’t recommend Bill and his Boy’s highly enough, they are great craftsmen, all of them, but they are also honest hard working dependable people who can help make your remodel a much more enjoyable experience than you might expect.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at any time.


Dan Quinn

Yorba Linda, Ca.